The 57th BFI London Film Festival – A Roundup in words and pictures.

Films Seen: 33

Languages Spoken: 11

Films seen before the BFI Gothic trailer got boring: 1

Death & Destruction

  • Body Count: 27
  • Canine body count: 3
  • Rabbit body count: 1
  • Limbs Lost: 1
  • Strokes survived: 2
  • Wardrobes smashed: 2
  • Barns set on fire: 2
  • Paintball Attacks: 1


  • Sex scenes: Off the charts.
  • Morally questionable and/or potentially illegal sex scenes: +/- 15
  • Characters masturbating: 6
  • Prostitutes: 2
  • Virginities Lost: 5

The Players:

  • Mia Wasikowska Count: 3
  • Vincent Macaigne Count: 2
  • Robin Wright Count: 2
  • Tom Hiddleston Count: 2

And, my personal Film of the festival is….. a tie!

Ida and Kill Your Darlings. Two very extraordinary films for very different reasons.

Close runners up were: We Are The Best, 12 Years A Slave, Like Father Like Son and Chinese Puzzle.

An excellent two weeks were had and I will review every film that has left an impact, be it good or bad. Those that have faded from memory have, well, faded. Think what you will of that.


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