BFI London Film Festival – Day 9

Parkland – While excellent to watch the film is so American as to alienate other viewers.

  • Entertainment: 3/5
  • Artistic:              4/5
  • Intellectual:       2/5

The Invisible Woman – On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ralph Fiennes brings us a ridiculously English period piece with not a lot of substance.

  • Entertainment: 2/5
  • Artistic:              4/5
  • Intellectual:       2/5

Due to Ralph Fiennes thanking every single producer he worked with and their canine companions at the Q&A I missed the third film I planned to see today. Nevertheless, tonight’s viewing matter is reviewed below.

Austalia’s Masterchef – The going gets tough in the kitchen as the one to get eliminated is blatantly highest in the edit.

  • Entertainment: 5/5
  • Artistic:              0/5
  • Intellectual:       0/5

I don’t even care, I’m in my pyjamas on a sofa.


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