BFI London Film Festival – Day 5

Harbour Drift: When it was good it was fantastic, however parts of it slid into mediocrity.

  • Entertainment: 3/5
  • Artistic:              4/5
  • Intellectual:       3/5


Ida: A mesmerising and thoughtfully rendered story of puberty and identity.

  • Entertainment: 4/5
  • Artistic:              5/5
  • Intellectual:       5/5


From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf: An interesting concept, which could have been completed in half of the run-time.

  • Entertainment: 2/5
  • Artistic:              2/5
  • Intellectual:       2/5


As I Lay Dying: A challenging film to enter in to, but ultimately rewarding.

  • Entertainment: 4/5
  • Artistic:              5/5
  • Intellectual:       3/5

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