BFI London Film Festival 2013 Day 3 + 4

Gare du Nord: A film which asks the audience to engage with the extraordinarily boring stories of ordinary people. An intensely claustrophobic viewing experience.

  • Entertainment: 2/5
  • Artistic:              2/5
  • Intellectual:       2/5


Chinese Puzzle: I took a risk coming into the third part of a trilogy but this witty, uplifting film couldn’t have been a better pay-off.

  • Entertainment: 5/5
  • Artistic:              4/5
  • Intellectual:       3/5


2 Autumns 3 Winters: Perhaps if it spent less time being quirky it would actually have more memorable substance.

  • Entertainment: 3/5
  • Artistic:             4/5
  • Intellectual:      3/5


A Spell to Ward off the Darkness: hasn’t understood that “non-narrative” cinema doesn’t mean “pointless”

  • Entertainment: 0/5
  • Artistic:              1/5
  • Intellectual:       0/5


The Double: Bizarre and stylish and with a fantastic lead performance.

  • Entertainment: 5/5
  • Artistic: 3/5
  • Intellectual: 3/5

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