BFI London Film Festival 2013 Day 2 – 11th October

Well the London Film Festival really got going today with even the traditional British weather making an appearance after such a long absence. In general the festival does seem to be busier than last year, basically every conversation in Leicester square seems to be about one film or another. I am relieved to announce that the ident is not as criminally annoying as last year’s so you can all rest easy.

My three films for today were: Adore, Jeune et Jolie and The Congress. Which involved a lot of sex scenes and Robin Wright, not who I expected to suddenly be bombarded by in one day.

Adore: Watch it if you get a chance.

  • Entertainment: 4/5
  • Artistic:              3/5
  • Intellectual:       2/5

Jeune et Jolie: A far more enigmatic Ozon film than normal.

  • Entertainment: 2/5
  • Artistic:             4/5
  • Intellectual:      2/5

The Congress: You could read Brave New World with some strong medication as a DIY substitute.

  • Entertainment: 3/5
  • Artistic:             3/5
  • Intellectual:      2/5

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