S-Club Seeing Double – 2003

When challenged to review a childhood favourite a few days ago I realised, with mounting dread and horror, that this was a childhood favourite. So, here we go…s club

This seminal artistic achievement features S-Club (minus Paul, the critical 7th member of S-Club 7) stranded in Barcelona. Of course they must now sing, dance and banter their way to uncover the villain’s evil plot to take over the world by cloning celebrities. Given that the entire premise of the film is that there are two of each member of  S-Club it is somewhat impressive that there is only ever one shot where a band member appears on screen with their clone. An impressive feat of scripting and low budget

The script is, as expected, somewhat crass. Relying mainly on tropes and character stereotypes for humour while some slightly spooky music warns of “the evil people”.  Furthermore the film feels the need to slip occasionally into a musical montage. These are points at which no one ought to be dancing or singing – yet somehow there is a song going on. These trips to planet bizarre don’t last too long however. Mercifully this was still the age when a pop song lasted two and a half minutes rather than four.

The acting performances vary somewhat. Admittedly it must be difficult to come across as an engaging human when the script has reduced your personality to a few archetypical pointers. Yet some manage better than others. Jo and Jon seem to be the most human, whereas Tina and Bradley are more believable as empty clones than as themselves. Some people, I conclude, simply are not made for the acting world. It is no coincidence that the only member of this band that I’ve ever heard of working post S-Club, Hannah Spearrit, does a very convincing performance as both herself and her clone with enough differentiation between the two that you can always tell which is which.
But credit where credit is due, the song and dance numbers are genuinely creatively choreographed and well-edited. While two of the songs are in fact elaborate prison breaks which work entirely by disracting the guards… (coincidentally all the inmates of these prsions are very good dancers, I can’t believe they were so lucky in the prisoners they found) But then, they’re a band. They’re supposed to be good at dancing in time with each other and smiling at a camera. And they are, they really really are.


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