Oscar Predictions!

And with less than 24 hours to go I scoot under the wire with my predictions list. Presented in absolutely fabulous monochrome I give to you my “should win” and my “will win” film for each category in reverse category order to the official Oscars website. (Because, why not?)

Bear in mind there are some films I haven’t seen, tragically this does include The Master and all of the documentaries. For those categories I will make random guesses and see whether the fates favour me. However I make no apology for not having seen Snow White and the Huntsman. Here goes!

Best Original Screenplay

Should: Moonrise Kingdom

Will: Django Unchained

Best Adapted Screenplay

Should and Will: Argo

Visual Effects

Should and Will: Life of Pi

Sound Mixing

Should and Will: Les Miserables

Sound Editing

Should and Will: Django Unchained

Short Film (I wish I didn’t have to guess here but I couldn’t find anywhere showing them that I could get to)

Should: Asad

Will: Death of a Shadow

Short Animated Film

Should and Will: Paperman

Production Design

Should: Les Miserables

Will: Lincoln

This is a very long blog post, so here’s a stock photo of bananas.Bananas Floating in Water

Well there you go Ang Lee, they do float!

Moving on….

Best Original Song

Should and Will: Skyfall

Original Score

Should: Life of Pi

Will: Argo

Hair and Makeup

Should: Hitchcock

Will: Les Miserables

Best Foreign Film

Should: Amour

Will: NO

Film Editing

Should: Argo

Will: Zero Dark Thirty

Documentary Short

Should and WIll: Inocente

Documentary Feature

Should and Will: Searching for Sugar Man

Best Director

Should: Michael Haneke

Will: David O Russell

Costume Design

Should and Will: Lincoln


Should: Life of Pi

Will: Django Unchained

Animated Feature Film

Should and Will: Brave


This calls for a solemn and dramatic image of a statuette.oscar-guy

Ahh that feels much better.

Best Supporting Actress

Should and Will: Anne Hathaway

Best Actress

Should: Emanuelle Riva

Will: Jessica Chastain

Best Supporting Actor

Should and Will: Christopher Waltz

Best Actor

Should and Will: Daniel Day-Lewis

Best Film (a drumroll please)

Should: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Will: Argo

I guess that’s my hand declared, now to sit back and watch.Comment if you agree/disagree!


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